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Subproject 1

National inventory of STES opportunities and generic characterization 

Novelty of the solution of the subproject 

SP1’s novelty consists i) in compiling and publishing currently dispersed key information (e.g., from oil & gas industry, mining, nuclear waste disposal) on subsurface storage, i.e. geological reservoirs (WP1) as well as on tanks and man-made cavities (WP2), including information on the size (area and volumes), geometry, depth(s) and other features (e.g., rock and groundwater composition) and ii) conducting generic analyses of the trade-offs and opportunities for selected solutions (WP3). ​

Since natural and pre-existing man-made subsurface cavities are among the cheapest opportunities for TES, the existence of a consolidated dataset on this topic is of high strategic value since it will help to identify opportunities and bring down system costs. 

Objectives of the subproject 


Understand the total heat storage potential (volume) in both subsurface natural reservoirs and man-made cavities ​Obtain and share knowledge about the geolocation of these systems 


Assess the economic viability of selected technological solutions and assess selected trade-offs (e.g., depth vs temperature in view of heat pumping opportunities) 


Support energy transition by providing relevant information to planners, policy makers and civil society. ​

Research partners

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